How Much Should A Web Design Cost?

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Determining how much should a web design cost is one of the most frequently asked questions in the technology world today. As a software development company it seems like every day, someone asks us this question. I’ve discussed this topic in detail with many of my colleagues and as a collaborative effort we put together this blog post to help answer that very question.

Two short answers that are very popular…”It Depends” and “How much do you want to spend?”.

Website Base Prices:

Generally on the very low end, web design costs at least $1000. This is for a simple 6 page site, fixed content, with a Contact Us Page. Graphically it will look very modern and enticing for users. Stock photo images are used to create the most cost effective professional feel possible. This also assumes that you can do the copywriting (writing) for the site.

Cheaper prices do exist for website creation, but with those lower prices comes much greater risk for sub standard results, miscommunications and price increases midway through the project. These are all very ugly scenarios to deal with. Do yourself a big favor: get a referral to a well-qualified web design company (and don’t be afraid to INVEST more in your website). Interview and research the web design company thoroughly before moving forward.

Features that increase the Web Design Cost:

Greater functionality and complication equates to large price tags. Here are some factors that drive up web design costs. Estimates are all inclusive and are based on outlined functionality. Keep in mind, design company that has a stellar reputation and portfolio to go with it, can charge a premium for their work.

Content Manage System / Blog functionality – costs $1,500 – $4,000 How flexible do you want your content to be? In other word, how much of the wording, page creation, and layout do you want to be able to adjust yourself, as opposed to involving the designer?

Database Integration – costs $2,000 -$10,000 Does the information that needs to be displayed on your site come from a database that regularly changes? This will cost extra.

E-Commerce functionality – costs $2,500 – $15,000 Are you selling a product? Do these products have many options and variations associated? Do products or inventory levels change quickly which effects what is being sold on the site?

Customized / Moving Graphics – costs $2,000 – $7500 – Sliding customized photos / Flash / jQuery all cost additional money. This includes creating and editing customized graphics in Photoshop.

Log In / Account Management – costs $1,500 – $5,000 Customization of info based on users profile

Seo / Web Conversion Services – most efficient way to do this is on a monthly basis. There is a large variety of pricing difference here. Figure $100 – 5,000 a month.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Basic Integration – Great news here…no additional charge.

Additional Costs

website domain name registration: $20 per year

website hosting package: $120 per year

Web Design Rates and Requirements

Determine your budget and priorities are for your website. If SEO is critical, then allocate a larger portion of your budget toward this. If you already have good traffic from the previous site, then perhaps the focus should be in getting more users to fill out the contact us form (conversions). If you are wanting to emphasize your brand then wow your users with the graphic design and functionality.

Are there requirements that can be postponed to future phases? Perhaps the functionality can be simplified a bit. These are all matters that can be discussed with a potential web design company. Use their answers to shape your approach and to determine their capabilities. In the end, like most things, the more money you have to invest, the better website you will end up with.

If you would like a referral to a well qualified (but cost effective) web designer, I would be happy to provide that to you. Just email me at [email protected] or fill out my contact us page and let me know your project requirements and budget and I will get you introduced to an expert.

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