iPhone Mobile App Promotion, Discovery & Success

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Assumption: All I need is an iPhone App and I’m on my way to success; mobile app promotion is not necessary!

“Build it and they will come!” … unlike the movie, just going live with your Mobile App does not mean anyone knows that it even exist. In other words, going live is when the critical marketing work begins.

iPhone App Discoverability (or lack thereof)

There are so many iPhone Apps these days that most new ones simply end up being lost in the shuffle. “Lost” has nothing to do with the marketability, cleverness, or innovation of any proposed idea, product, or service … it only means no one ever found your iPhone App. “Found” is the function of a well conceived and executed marketing effort encapsulating all the best known attention grabbing ploys that top advertising executives use, and more.

iPhone Mobile App Promotion

Your iPhone App marketing effort is at least as important as the development services themselves, if not more so. Be prepared to spend even more time and money then you did on the App itself. Your App, your idea, your innovation, and your hope of success lies in being noticed and shared among the users of Mobile devices. And one more point, your advertising needs to be continuous. The minute you stop your advertising campaign you’ll begin to fall behind all the other Apps that are vying for the user’s attention and discretionary spending.

Many mobile development companies can assist with these marketing services. I would advise you to discuss your specific app with them. Have them share details and case studies to understand their exact approach and costs against revenue and downloads.


Other iPhone App Myths I Hear Everyday: