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What Makes CSPreston a Different Kind of Web Development Agency?

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There are millions of web designers and web development agency firms out there, and most of them are probably capable of creating an acceptable website you’ll be able to use.

You’re probably thinking, “Sure, the site looks nice, but there are millions of talented developers out there, and they all have nice looking sites.” And you’re right.

But that’s not going to stop us from believing that we’re going to do the very best job developing your website or web app, and that you should work with us. So what makes us so sure?

Well, there are a number of very good reasons why CS Preston is different from other web development agency firms out there.

Here are just a few:

    1. Web App Success Based on Our Commitment to Excellence.

The entire focus of what we do as a studio is excellence and continual improvement.

Excellence encompasses not just our finished product – which will be a stunning example of form and function merging perfectly – but also the entire journey that leads you and us to that final product as a collaborative team. To call our interactions “customer service” really doesn’t do it justice. We strive to form a fully engaged partnership with every client, and the result is a deeper appreciation for their needs and desires, and therefore, a better end product.

Our commitment to continual improvement is, we feel, in the best interests of our clients as well as ourselves internally. We’re not just looking to continually improve the results our clients glean from their websites, but we want to improve our own abilities constantly as well. Doing so allows us to help the next client even more than the last, and lets us continually create value for our return clients.

    1. Talented Web Developers Due to Our Highly Selective Hiring Process.

Unlike many of our competitors who are interested in getting warm bodies in the seats so they can churn out code faster and continually work with a higher volume of clients, our hiring and internal development process is careful, deliberate, and extremely selective.

In fact, historically, less than 10% of our applicants are eventually hired, and many of our most successful candidates are referred by team members that already work with us and know what type of person we’re looking for.

This is based on the fact that we require every single team member in the organization to be able to uphold that commitment described above. It’s not just a mission statement we inscribe on a plaque in the reception area. It’s a business philosophy and a way of life.

When we bring someone into the fold here at CS Preston, we need to be 100% sure they’re going to be willing and able to embrace that commitment and carry it out successfully.

    1. More Successful Websites Because of Our Desire to Understand Our Client’s Business.

This shouldn’t be as rare as it is in the web design and development industry, but we see prospects who choose some of our competitors falling victim to this issue routinely.

When a client hires us to create their website or app, our first goal is not to begin creating a wireframe and asking them about what color palette they had in mind. No, our first goal is to sit back and listen.

We realize that, to create a website that’s truly going to fulfill the client’s needs and desires, we need to have a complete understanding of what those needs and desires are. We need to understand their entire business, their target audience, their customer’s journey, and so much more before we can confidently begin the actual design and development process.

Sometimes this level of critical thinking and strategy is beyond the expectations of our clients. Sometimes they wonder when we’re going to get to the good stuff. But, inevitably, they’re absolutely thrilled with the end product, and we trace their delight directly back to our initial efforts to get to know their business inside and out.

    1. Thoroughly Engaged Web Developers Love What We’re Doing.

Maybe it’s cheesy. Maybe we’re kind of geeks. But the fact is, we really love working on websites.

It’s a satisfying creative pursuit and a skill that we’ve seen bring immeasurable value to hundreds of clients over the years, so every project feels to us like the start of a new and exciting adventure that we can’t wait to jump into. It’s this level of passion and drive that fuel our team when the going gets tough (and it inevitably does.)

And, as mentioned earlier, we work hard to only hire team members who feel the same way.

There are plenty of other great reasons why CS Preston is different.

We could talk about our state-of-the-art cloud-based project management system that allows clients to check in virtually to see the progress on their project at any time.

We could discuss the fact that most of our new clients are referrals from delighted existing clients who want their colleagues to have the same great experience they’ve enjoyed, or the fact that so many of our clients come back to us over and over to handle their various web development needs.

But really, the best way for us to explain why and how CS Preston is a different kind of web development firm is to show you. Why not contact us today to discuss your needs?

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