Developing Mobile Application – Successfully!

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The question isn’t what initiatives to take in developing mobile application … but what does it take to make an app that resonate with users? Nail the answer to that question and you’ll be taking the first giant step toward success.

Many people think that developing an application with a lot of flashy bells and whistles is what the public wants. Many presentations concentrate on the seller’s point-of-view; exclusively emphasizing features and benefits. But the “mobile user” is just what the name implies … they are mobile, and chances are … they are multi-tasking too. So your fundamental design attributes need to understand and incorporate the key aspects that transmute an average Mobile App … to a “great” Mobile App. Here are some brief thoughts on the subject. Let your creative juices read between the lines for maximum effectiveness!

Initiatives When Developing Mobile Application

Simplicity: The Mobile App should be uncomplicated, user-friendly, and have a design features that are easy to understand. Multi-tasking users want to address their needs with as few keystrokes as possible.

User Viewpoint: Address how your product/service will improve the user’s life, save them time/money, or make them happier? Savvy users gravitate toward apps that fulfill their basic needs and desires.

Innovation: Find ways to differentiate your offerings; making them do something new, interesting, challenging, or useful. Speak to the user’s motivations and not your desire to sell.

Clarity: Try to stay with a single concept and expand on that rather that offering too many confusing and/or unrelated options. Generally speaking, an application that tries to do too much … does nothing well.

Smooth Operation: Different mobile devices have different operating utilities like keyboards, touch screens, and/or use clickable icons. Remember, the core functions that all users want from any given device … make sure all operate flawlessly in every mode. Think “glitch-free”!

Pricing: Innovation may be a key element of your offering but it is not an excuse for high prices.

Marketing: Your ad campaign needs to focus on the personal aspects of your product/service. Ad campaigns are not one-time shots … they should be on going and continuous.

Help: Mobile devices have been around for a while (and so have software developers creating them), but don’t automatically assume every user is tech savvy. Be sure to offer simple and easy to use help for tech-challenged newbie’s.

Successfully Developing Mobile Applications

Mobile devices have created personal worlds. Cater to that aspect and follow the advice outline in this article to find success in developing an application.

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