Selecting Top Web Development Companies

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Here is a guide on how to select top Web Development companies, which will help ensure software projects are completed professionally in both a timely and cost effective manner.

You know your company is unique, as are the custom software applications you utilize to conduct business on a daily basis. The quality of these software applications has a direct impact on your business success.

Steps to Select Top Web Development Companies

Preparation: You need to have done some preliminary planning and preparation.

• Detail the requirements of your software development project carefully and thoroughly
• Have a specific written request for proposal (RFP) ready for companies.
• Determine if your staff has the time/expertise to coordinate the project or if that process should be part of your RFP.
• Enumerate the things that must be incorporated … and the things you wish to avoid.
• Define flexible, up front; i.e., cost, delivery date, staff time, specific functionality, etc.
• Important: When your project is finished, what is the intended ROI … and how will you measure that?

Initial Web Development Qualification Overview:

Begin online … review potential development company’s website.

• Is their presentation attractive? Does it grab your attention?
• Is the written material easy to follow, informative, thorough, clear, and compelling?
• Do they offer a synopsis of the types of projects in which they specialize?
• Are there confirmable success stories that meet, or exceed, client needs (and your’s)?
• Do they offer an address and phone number … or just an e-mail link?
• Do they highlight the idea of long term relationships with clients?

Select Three Web Development Candidates to Evaluate Further:

This is where the elimination process begins. The first thing you want to know is who your primary contact will be during the project. Evaluating that individual will tell you a lot about how the overall project will flow. Make sure a confidentiality agreement is in place before you reveal any project details. Also, do not assume the lowest bid price is the best deal; they may have left something out (sometimes by design).

• How well does the software development company understand your goals?
• Are they offering insights or suggestions about how to achieve those goals economically?
• Are they able to define deliverables and pinpoint completion dates?
• Is there an element of passion and dedication to their work and to producing results?
• Have they offered a list of potential project risks and related costs?
• How would you describe your feelings about the vendor’s business ethics?
• Is all functionality included in the quoted price?
• Timely delivery and error free software is critical … what guarantees are offered?

Web Development Company Contract

Once you have selected the best web development company … it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Yes, that’s right; this is the contract phase of your project … and it is really very simple because there is just one rule to follow: Everything must be in writing, including project description, deliverables, and dates.

Key Element: The process of building your software application is considered the project (of course), but the long term viability, usability, and effectiveness of the finished product is very closely tied to your software development partner’s abilities and dedication.

Exercise due diligence and caution, but remember … there are many terrific Software Development Companies out there!

Good luck in your search!!!

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