Selecting a Mobile App Development Company

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How do you find an app developer or a mobile app development company that can share your level of enthusiasm and effectively communicate all the unique attributes that your company brings to the marketplace?

Now you’ve determined that this is the right time to expand into the genre of the mobile app. Obviously, a mobile app is going to have an impact on how your business appears to the public. This first exposure needs to leave a lasting impression; it needs to be memorable, attractive, and engaging! This is true whether you are going to build an iPhone or an Android App (or a website).

Mobile App Planning and Preparation:

  • Carefully detail what makes your products and services unique.
  • Offer a full scope of potential ideas about how to present those ideas within a Mobile App.
  • List all the things that must be incorporated in the Mobile App and what things you want to avoid.
  • On your wish list be cognizant of which items can become optional if costs are too high.
  • Define flexibility up front; i.e., cost, delivery date, staff time, specific functionality, etc.
  • Determine what level of input/expertise your staff might be able to offer
  • On completion … what is your intended ROI and how will you measure that?

Researching A Mobile App Development Company

  • Review potential Mobile App vendor websites for aspects of presentation that compliment your requirements.
  • Explore their written material. Is it easy to follow, informative, thorough, clear, and compelling?
  • Do they offer solid examples of their mobile apps portfolio?
  • Are referrals available?
  • What are their mobile app developer rates?
  • Do they offer an address and phone number … or just an e-mail link?
  • Do they highlight the idea of long term relationships with clients?

Mobile App Project Evaluation

  • How well did they understand and incorporate your goals?
  • Did they offer insights or suggestions about how to achieve you goals economically?
  • Were they able to define deliverables and pinpoint completion dates?
  • Did they discuss potential project risks and/or related costs?
  • Can you define your feelings about the vendor’s business ethics?
  • What, if any, guarantees are offered?
  • Do they display a solid level of enthusiasm for your Mobile App Project?

Now that you have all that in place it’s time to mention one critical aspect of the process which begs the question, “Who is my project leader/contact?” Clarity of communication and immediate access to that individual is incredibly important. There must be a meeting of the minds and you need to establish a rapport before you make any commitment to a contract.

Following these steps closely and you will be well on the way to selecting a mobile app development company and successfully completing your mobile app project.

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