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Website Proposal Sample Client – re; RFP Response

Custom Software by Preston, Inc. (CSP) – Qualifications

Custom Software by Preston has managed I.T. projects ranging from eCommerce websites and mobile apps to building mission critical .Net enterprise software for fortune 500 companies.  Our teams of the best and brightest software and mobile developers combine extensive technical expertise with years of actual business acumen and experience.  Our passion is to produce practical business solutions that are efficient, effective, and comprehensive with an eye toward being cost effective.

At CSP our motto is integrity … and we take pride in our ability to produce agile software solutions that exceed client expectations.  Toward that end Brett Miller, CSP President, is available by cell phone seven days a week to assure that any customer concerns are handled quickly and effectively.

Web Development Project Description

The web development sample client has requested the creation of an eCommerce website which is designed to be attractive, engaging, informative, and to act as a mobile platform through which they may sell certain products.  Initially the concept is going to be developed for the web, but will soon need to be migrated to a mobile app (as revenue streams build).  Key concepts emphasized by client include; superior performance, user friendliness, modern look and feel, and user security.

– confidential proposal details –

Web Development Project Approach

We believe the suggested phased development approach described above is an important cost deferring mechanism that promotes early cash flow.  By initially providing a website we can initiate an early cash flow module which, in turn, will provide funding for enhancements and porting the concept to a mobile app as needed.

Step one our our proposal plan is to evaluate and document project requirements and functional interactions based on the needs of stakeholders.  Communication becomes a key element of understanding the desired functionality and building technical specifications.  Because of the phased nature of the project distinct sub-phasing timelines will need to be outlined.

On acceptance of this project roadmap, we will advance to the development stage of the project using agile methodologies and standard programming and project techniques.  Every two weeks a new version of the website will be produced for client review and acceptance.  This structure helps to ensure continuous client feedback and communication through the project.

When development is complete a thorough testing cycle will occur to ensure the website is fully ready to be release.  Upon completion of testing the website will be published for consumer usage.

Based on the availability of the internal team members of sample client, we feel that we can complete our initial planning phase within two weeks and the development within two months.  This is based on our current understanding of the requirements and deliverables. There are many decisions to be made during a software development project that can affect the timeline and hours that are required for the project.  We will advise you of the costs, benefits, and drawbacks for each option and allow you to make the ultimate decision.

Web Development Proposal Deliverables

The delivered website is designed to be comprehensive and provide a solution that will work well in the long-term, while also remaining economically efficient to the problems faced today.

Our ultimate deliverable (of our Proposal) goes beyond a well-tested production-ready website.  We also provide project specification, clear design documents, technical documentation, and a testing / development environment so that development can easily continue beyond the scope of this project.

While our goal is a long-term relationship with the Web Development Client, as professionals, we will produce a structure that can be maintained or extended by anyone familiar with developing websites.

Web Development Proposal Estimate

Our initial development proposal estimate is offered here.  Please bear in mind that this is an estimate and not a guarantee that the project can be completed in the indicated time or cost.  Figures may need to be modified as the exact requirements of the project become clearer. At the conclusion of Phase 1, these estimates will be converted into a fix bid.

Phase 1
Analysis 30 30
Documenting Requirements 16 16
Phase 2
Confidential Details 200 300
Phase 3
Confidential Details 150 200
Implementation 14 14
Total 410 560
Hourly Rate Contact
Project Estimate Contact

Software Project Billing Based on Milestones

Down Payment 20%
Analysis / Design Completion 20%
Phase 2 Completion 20%
Phase 3 Completion 20%
Implementation 20%

Development Team Availability

Timetables for specific deliverables will be based on the client’s schedule and requirements.  Should you decide to move forward, we have two expert web developers who would be ready to begin the project two weeks from the date of acceptance.

We are dedicated to partnering with your company to create the most cost-effective, reliable software development solution possible.

We will also be available for any additional services and support upon project completion.

Thanks for reading!!

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