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One of the most commonly posed questions about software development is: Should your company hire an in-house full-time developer, or is it more advisable to outsource app development to a software development specialist? It is not an easy question since there are obvious advantages to either approach.

The world of application development is wide-ranging and complicated — from the electronic specialties of the Internet — to the intricacies of connectivity between disparate data sources — to the implementation of custom designs — it is difficult to know which avenue is the best for your company to pursue.

Full Time Software Development Employment

In-house employment gives you full direction and control over every aspect of the process — but do you have the expertise to direct such a process? And the time? Plus your cost calculations must include more than just the associated salaries. Other cost factors that must be considered include qualifying and hiring the right talent, salaries and employment taxes, benefits including health care costs, workmen’s comp and liability, and lets not forget employee workspace, equipment and all the associated cost that span the length of the project.

Outsourcing Application Development

When a company outsources their custom software development needs, they are not only eliminating the costs of one or more employees, but they are opting for a specialist … where the expertise they need is already in place. The first major advantage is the ability to begin the project almost immediately … and time is money. Typically web development companies will quote rates and timeframes in advance, plus either meet or exceed their deadlines giving you the ability to better define and control costs. They are highly educated, industry-savvy professionals with instant access to the experience and expertise for any given software challenge or requirement.

Whichever you choose; whether you opt for in-house employment or outsourced your development project, there are many considerations.

Free Application Development Project Evaluations

Custom Software by Preston is offering a free evaluation of your software needs to help you develop the best and most comprehensive plan for your future growth and profitability.

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