Learning Programming Languages for Web Development

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THERE IS NO short cut to success. You do not become an expert of a certain field overnight. Hence, learning programming language for web development is not an exemption. It takes practices and a lot of it to be a master in this course.

Learning from a self-taught web and UI developer and at the same time a coder and a start-up enthusiast, Siwalik Mukherjee taught us the importance of learning programming languages useful for web development by taking one step at a time. He taught these things in a very simple process.

First things first, choose your own direction to take. There are two; first, the Front-End Path where you will be learning the structures, web and mobile development using web technology like the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., which will operate in webpage of various device type. Begin by learning HTML and CSS followed by JavaScript (JQuery is also recommended) and Ember or Angular JS for the framework. This is ideal if you are into web design. When you master this path, you can be a front-end developer.

The second one is the Back-end development, which can be optional if you decided to focus on the front-end. This is then followed by the full stack development, which is ideal for those who love writing and designing logic. Besides learning website development and structuring, you will then learn how to make web apps using the field’s jargons. Begin with (again) HTML and CSS, then JavaScript as you tap on libraries such as JQuery/lodash. Next would be Ember/AngularJS/React for frameworks, then PHP/Ruby (the mostly used jargons in the back-end industry), then mySql (learn a database query language) and lastly, Ruby on Rails for frameworks.   

Learning additional languages aside from this would also be helpful, particularly when you are so keen about learning new things. A good example would be framework and library languages like Django, Python, NodeJS, to name a few.

The next step would be learning and re-learning the path you have decided to focus on. There are loads of free e-learning videos from various online academy, some may be paid but several offered free education. Some sources for free include: Bentobox, Beginner Focused Books at Launch School, Code4Startup, CodeAvengers, CodeCombat, Codementor Learning Center.

With the basic languages and some free online sources, all you need to do is just practice, practice and practice. Practice by building up simple web projects. Practice by reading and studying and putting into use. What better way to master it is being consistent in practicing.

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