Tips to Hire an iPhone Developer

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To hire an iPhone developer for building your mobile app is not as daunting a challenge as it might seem … as long as you’re well prepared and knowledgeable about the interview and hiring steps required to succeed.

This is the way it the hiring process unfolds.  What you want from your iPhone app is something that is attractive, engaging, informative, and memorable.  These are the words that describe what advertising executives call “impact” … and “impact” is what engenders a winning project.  So the first thing you need to understand is you cannot give your iPhone Application any of those attributes without hiring the right developer.

Your iPhone Development Requirements

  • Specifics on what you are trying to accomplish with your iPhone App (and why).
  • A list of mobile apps or even websites you might like to emulate.
  • Thoughts on how your ideas might be presented in an iPhone App.
  • A list of what makes your products & services unique.
  • A list of features (or functions) you feel must be incorporated. Are any of these features optional?
  • How can you be flexible with your project (i.e., delivery time, staff involvement, functionality, costs).
  • Be prepared to discuss how you will measure ROI and project success.

 Criteria to Hire an iPhone Developer

  • Check with people you know for potential referrals when looking to hire iPhone Developers.
  • Review developer’s websites, resumes, work history, and experience.
  • Review their portfolio in detail and ask if can they provide referrals.
  • Remember, some aspects of their web presence reflect what you might be able to expect from them as developers for your project.
  • Do they quote job prices on a fixed bid or simply time and materials?
  • What guarantees are offered? What are their iPhone Development rates?
  • Do they offer an address and phone number.  No address usually means they are offshore.
  • Select the three strongest iPhone Developers for further hiring consideration.

Which iPhone Developer Should You Hire?

  • Are you very confident that they clearly understand your objectives?
  • Did they offer insights and suggestions that compliment the project?
  • Did they have thoughts on how to achieve your goals economically?
  • Can they define specific deliverables and completion dates?
  • Was there any mention of project risks and/or related costs?
  • Was there a level of enthusiasm for your project?
  • Were you able to speak directly with the individual who would head-up your project … or were you limited to a salesperson?
  • What is their process if you hire them as your iPhone Developer?

Finally! Hiring your iPhone Developer

  • Are you comfortable that you and your Project Manager communicate well and have a solid rapport?
  • Which of the 3 candidates actually convinced you that they can deliver the “impact” that I described earlier?  Remember … only your developer can do this … and only those web projects and/or mobile apps with “impact” will work.
  • Review the contract in detail.  Make sure you understand and are comfortable with the terms.

There … now that wasn’t so difficult, was it?

Four simple steps when hiring an iPhone Developer:

  1. Do your homework (preparation);
  2. Research the field;
  3. Narrow your hiring possiblities to 3 candidates;
  4. Select the candidate you believe will deliver “Impact”!

Stay on top of things throughout the development process.  If you aren’t actively involved in the process, you might be disappointed (or surprised) with the results you get (regardless of who you hire).

Here’s an update I put together on hiring developers in April 2014:

I’ve hired many iPhone developers over the years (who have passed above qualifications).  If you’d like me to provide a referral to you, I’d be happy to do that.  Just send me an email at [email protected].

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