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Part II: Videos and Online Games that Raise Sexual Health Awareness

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IN THIS GENERATION’S advanced technology characterized by viable and expeditious custom software development (e.g. Custom Software Development Chicago), online gaming now has strengthened its power to educate and also influence the minds of people, of course, apart from its initial intent of providing entertainment.

As mentioned in the previous sequel article (Part I: Video Games that Raise Environmental Awareness) gaming has become a great instrument in influencing the public socially, environmentally, and even in providing proper education on the adverse effects of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and also STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).  

Ellie Johnston (2012) from Climate Interactive gave the respective main ideas of this sexually transmitted disease-combatting online and finally, video games:

Keep It Up!

“It’s true that sex education in school is seriously lacking – even for straight people. But when it comes to queer folks, gaining knowledge about safe sex in traditional classrooms is basically obsolete. As NBC News also reported, Northwestern came up with a program, called Keep It Up! This is designed for men who have sex with men, aimed to teach them how to lower their risk of getting STIs and HIV.”

  • Elana Rubin, 2018


This is “a videogame designed by Yale researchers.  This is design to promote health and reduce risky behavior in teens improves sexual health knowledge. Also for attitudes among minority youth, according to a new study. The findings validate the value of the videogame as a tool to engage and educate teens at risk for HIV.  Also includes, other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), said the researchers.”

  • Yale University, 2017

Tap That

“In Tap That, you never know when your characters will turn out to carry infections. One might turn green randomly, which means it’s sick. The game prompts users to diagnose from among nine different sexually transmitted infections (HPV; chlamydia; syphilis; hepatitis A, B, or C; herpes; gonorrhea; or HIV), which are either noted as “curable” or “treatable.” Then you choose between medication to cure it or treatment to manage it. Also, if you get to it fast enough, a condom button helps protect the partner who is not sick from the partner who is sick.”

  • O’Hara, 2016

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