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When Don’t You Need SEO Services?

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It is no doubt that Search Engine Optimization is a very effective digital marketing tool. This is the reason why demand for the service has been surging higher since over a decade ago and has even doubled these past few years. While the growing demand for SEO has pushed the need to inculcate the digital marketing strategy in any business as a vital investment rather than just a mere option, there is always an exemption to the rule. No matter how popular, marketing-efficient and cost-effective SEO is, it could not be applied to everything. Hence, here are three reasons when you do not need to use SEO in your business:

  1. When You Need Immediate Result

SEO can be very effective, but the process is slow. In fact, according to a Digital Marketing Specialist Tony Wright of Wright IMC, SEO marketing is effective in providing Return on Investment (ROI), but only second to quality opt-in email list. And while you will see results with SEO, this strategy does not show profits generating until up to six months. Hence, for companies taking advantage of SEO, patience is a requirement, aside from virtue.

  1. When You are Promoting Different & Changeable Offers

If you are selling tickets for a one-time concert happening in three months and you hope to use SEO to market these, it would not be such a good idea to do so. Chances are, your event will hit a high rank by the time it is over. SEO would not be of much use then. Same goes when you are giving a one-time offering like limited edition products or those on seasonal sale. Paid advertising, public relations, or even Facebook are rather more ideal to use in this case.

  1. No One Knows Your Product Exists

It does not mean your product is not cool or whatsoever. It may just be so unique that the market even had no idea it already existed. For example, you may have invented a bicycle that can turn into a baby-stroller and then into a chair, too. However, who would ever expect such innovative product existed? Parents do not even have an idea about it, and so they do not search for it online. In this case, SEO is not yet necessary unless an advertising and awareness campaign is created informing the market that it really does exist, as well as educating them what it can do and how you can use it. Therefore, prior to the applying SEO, you may need to shelve some amount for paid advertisements to inform the public that your product does exist in the market.


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