Videos and Online Games that Raise Mental Health Awareness

Part III: Videos and Online Games that Raise Mental Health Awareness

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TECHNOLOGY has always worked in parallel with progress and innovation.

The rapid improvement of custom software development has paved the way to creating better programs and systems geared not only for the entertainment of people but more so for the public’s social, environmental and even mental health awareness.

One of the most entertaining tools various mobile add development companiespromote is the videos and online games.  

So, who says these videos and games cannot be all entertaining, informative, influential and educational?

Ellie Johnston (2012) from Climate Interactive gave the respective main ideas of these videos and games that raised mental health awareness:

Actual Sunlight

“Contrary to almost every video game, Actual Sunlight tells of a protagonist who doesn’t achieve, who never improves, whose lack of agency, inexplicable to both himself and others around him, has become the defining part of his character. Anyone who’s laid awake at night wondering what they’re doing with their lives.  One who’s noticed their ambitions receding in slow motion. Also, managed only a shrug in response — they are Evan Winter.

“This is not a game about success or the karmic rewards of personal struggle. Created by Will O’Neill, an independent developer also from Toronto.   Actual Sunlight is the story of a career you never wanted, a gym you never joined, the novel you didn’t even start.”

  • Smith, 2015

The Cat Lady

“For Susan Ashworth, suicide is meant to be a way out, but it instead becomes a way forward.

“If you seek horror, The Cat Lady may sometimes freak you out, though probably not outright scare you. But that horror is in service of a touching character portrait — a portrait that’s authentically, poignantly askew.”

  • GameSpot, 2014

The Town of Light

“Based on real accounts from the 1930s and ’40s, The Town of Light focuses on Renee, a young woman who’s suffered from severe mental illness for the majority of her life.

“Her struggle began with sporadic blackouts as a child and eventually developed into bouts of anxiety and the sounds of strange voices in her head.

“Pushed over the edge by the horrors of a sexual assault, Renee callously commits to the real-world Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra, an understaffed, overcrowded asylum in the Tuscan town of Volterra, Italy.”

  • Hester, 2017

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