Free App Development for iPhone – Equity Partnership Myth

Brett MilleriPhone Development, Software Development

False Assumption: If I’m willing to share future revenue in my iPhone app idea, I can get a qualified developer to build it without charging me (iPhone free app development for potential revenue).

Qualified and talented iPhone developers are very busy people…opportunities are everywhere. Most developers actually require advanced deposits to even start a project. Why? … because they have ongoing expenses to pay, like rent, insurance and taxes. Plus with plenty of solid “paying” opportunities knocking at their door, with little or no risk, and with retainers paid up front, it isn’t hard to imagine why they would turn down your idea for sharing the sometimes elusive promise of “future potential”. Most developers interpret this request to be akin to giving Free iPhone Development services.

iPhone App Development Salaries near $140,000

Many individual full time development employees earn salaries of up to $140k per year. As a developer it is not the kind of money you give up to build an iPhone App for free, no matter how good the opportunity might look.

Technically speaking, taking on a development/equity partner is akin to asking for a “cost of development” loan. The only difference is … if the idea flops, most risks and costs have been shifted to the developer. Think about it .. if a developer spends the many hours required to build your iPhone app, why would they go for a 50/50 split? They are the ones who are using their marketable skills. Plus there are millions of potential viable ideas out there that are easy to dream up. Remember the old quote “Success is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration”.

No Free App Development for iPhone … Sorry

It might be worthwhile to consider financing your development project yourself. You keep controlling interest and you get all the profits down the line. The only drawback is that if the iPhone app project flops, you absorb all the costs. But here is an interesting point, if you’re not willing to accept the risk, how would you convince a developer to do it for you (for what they would consider free)?

No doubt it’s going to take a certain amount of capital to develop your iPhone App and to take a shot at making your dream come true. But if your App does take off for the moon, do you really want to share the ride? What about control, are you willing to give that up too? If not, you’ll probably need to find a way to simply pay for your own iPhone App Development Costs.