What is your Testing Process?

Our testing process is extremely thorough and we take it very seriously because we feel our reputation is on the line when we turn over a website or web application to a client saying it’s solid and this is finished. We thoroughly test on the latest versions of the most popular browsers and devices. This includes Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari on the desktop and on Android and iOS devices.

Now, I don’t want to overstate our capabilities by any means because bugs still come up even with multi-million dollar projects that the largest corporations in the world build.

We have a Quality Assurance specialist who will be a part of your project team. Each two week period of development is called a sprint. As each of these sprints is completed, the QA engineer will be testing features making sure that it meets the requirements that have been outlined in the project specification. Our clients are also given access to the test environment so they can go in and play with the application to help ensure it meets their business needs.

At the end of the project the QA engineer will provide a regression test which is a complete test of all system capabilities. So the developers are responsible for going through and making sure functionality is properly built and then they test it. When they feel it’s strong, they hand it off to a QA engineer who does thorough testing to make sure from their perspective everything is working properly. At the conclusion of QA testing we then hand off the solution to the client for their testing. These three levels of testing help ensure that only go live with the most solid application possible.