What is your Development Process?

Our projects normally start off with a thorough analysis and design phase where we formalize their requirements and come up with the complete set of screen designs for their entire application so we can identify exactly what your system will do and how it will look.

For complicated applications we will also build a workflow diagram and can even build out usage scenarios so that you can see how screens flow from end to end and how users interact with the application. This obviously isn’t necessary for a simple website. The reason this is so important is so that we clearly document the full scope of the project which helps ensure there isn’t any type of miscommunication or surprises as development is occuring. This analysis and design phase also allows us to produce a project plan as well as finalize a fixed bid quote as far as what is the cost and timeframe of building your solution.

Once we have that in place, we can move forward to development phase of the project. We typically break our project plans down into two week development cycles called sprints. Each sprint has a set of deliverables associated with it and a formal demo that we provide to the client. Additional analysis and discussion will also occur during the sprints to ensure we are fulfilling the low level needs for the work at hand. The two week development cycle approach allows us to continually show progress being accomplished. We also have quality assurance personnel who formally test the application at the end of each sprint to ensure functionality is working properly and fulfills the project specification.

The initial sets of sprints is where the architecture and fundamentals of the system is being developed. The later sprints in a project is typically where we build the more advanced functionality for each part of your software application.

At the end of the project our QA team will do a complete test of all functionality in the system and we strongly encourage our clients to do the same. Once we have formal approval we will move the application from our test environment to the live environment so that the general public or whoever your intended user base can get into the application.