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Software Development Trends for the Coming Year

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As the year 2018 is about to come to an end, the predictions for software development trends in the coming year are beginning to emerge. Every year, experts in the field give enthusiasts and fellow coders their list of software trends that they feel will dominate in the coming year. These lists often consist of technology innovations that are deemed to be the ones most companies will want to have developed for their businesses.

Software developers predicted that there would be a rise in the development of software that focused on AI.  Will also focused on cryptocurrency or blockchain technology, and smart software. Sure enough, these predictions came true and lots of software developers focused their energies on these 2018 trends. In 2019, which of these will continue to become the focus of programmers worldwide and are there new trends that you should look out for?Software Development Trends



2018 Software Development Trends That Will Continue in the Coming Year     

Of the many software development trends of 2018, there are about 4 or more that are seen to carry over in the coming year. These are those trends that are deemed to be still worth exploring in the coming year and are also seen as necessary by many programmers as well as software companies. These include:

Artificial Intelligence 

Automation will be a necessity by many corporations.  Primarily because it speeds up processes which help increase revenues. With automation comes the need for AI that can easily perform tasks that don’t require too much thinking. These include email responses, answering commonly asked basic queries, setting schedules, and solving basic problems.

Blockchain Technology 

This is another trend that is seen to stretch into 2019 by software experts and enthusiasts alike. Whoever said cryptocurrency is on a downward slide is wrong.  More and more people seem to be getting on this bandwagon.  They have the belief that it is the money of the future. Aside from cryptocurrency, blockchain can also be used to record anything of value. This means it can be used to do just about anything, with companies like IBM and Oracle.  Amazon is also among those seen to utilize this.


With all the hacking and breaches going on, it is no wonder that cybersecurity will continue to take center stage in the software development arena in the coming year.  So this means that there will be more effort into creating a more secure online environment for your information. This is because those who aim to get a hold of your info are not resting on their laurels. Continuous attacks on various institutions online guarantees improvement of cybersecurity software will be focused on.

Progressive Web Apps 

The continued development of sites that act like applications on your browser will continue in 2019. Those who want their sites to translate well on browsers often look to this trend. This is because these allow them to give their users the same usability and ease-of-use that they can get from a custom app, even when what they are accessing is a website on a browser.

These are just a few of the software development trends that became popular in 2018.  We are expecting this to continue on this wave of popularity in 2019.  Also, there will be a few new trends in software development that will make their appearance in the New Year.  These ones from the previous year won’t fade away that easily. 

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