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The Importance of Effective Branding in Website Design & Development

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REGARDLESS of your company’s size and scope, never take for granted the branding, as it is one of the most important aspects when creating a website and a company. By branding we are talking about your company’s logo, font, color and personality that should be  reflected in as many places as reasonably possible. It’s the vibe contributes to the retention of your company’s name in the minds of your clients and prospect customers.


Designer wireframing a mobile App on wooden deskBut first things first. Make sure to invest in a professionally done website and logo. This alone will create the flavor of your branding as it expresses the uniqueness of your company’s theme and voice. A great quality of graphic design for your brand’s name will surely attract viewers’ attention and give them vivid idea on the personality of your business.

The simplicity of your logo and company name is important.  Company’s typically positioning their company name and logo on the webpage is at the upper left side of the page. This is where the eyes naturally turn to when searching for a page and where we begin scanning a website.

What better way to prove this than to take a glimpse of one of the websites that have successfully penetrated the global market, and hence, according to Innervation Technology & Design were listed in the 10 Most Successful Websites of All Time as of 2017. Take Amazon as an example. When you look at their webpage and zoom into their brand, it looks very simple, clean and easy to remember. The name “amazon” is written in white small letters on navy blue background with a convex yellow arrow creating a smiley under the text. In 2015, Amazon became America’s most valuable retailer.  Many customers can recognize hundreds of prominent logos without even seeing the name of the company. Think about how iconinc Nike’s swish has become in our culture.

To further ingrain the identity of your company in customers minds, use the exact same logo, font and on the packaging of your products, website, invoices and in any marketing info you plan to release like leaflets, brochures, fliers, magazines, etc. The repetition and consistent usage of the same logo, brand name, and/or insignia will create retention in the minds of the viewers, clients and potential customers. It will surely create a memorable brand experience for current and potential clients.


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