Cost of Developing an App under $1000 – Myth

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False Assumption:  I’ve seen advertisements and rumors about cheap cost of developing an App and Do It Yourself App Dev Tools, so I’m convinced I should be able to get my App built properly for under $1000.

Unrealistically Cheap Cost of Developing An App

Unfortunately, there are some developers that advertise unrealistic App Development Costs to lure you into their web (forgive the play on words) … then upsell you to what app development services really costs.  Apps are all about appearance, functionality, and usability.  Clearly, the Mobile Apps that do these things well, are the ones that have the best chance of succeeding.  Frankly it is unrealistic to expect a high level of user acceptance and positive word of mouth if you are only willing (or able) to spend the absolute bare-bones minimum.

There is an old adage that teaches “good isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t good” and it is especially true when looking at Mobile App Development Costs.  In my experience the bottom price point for a simple, yet professionally done App is around $3000.  Below that I would be very skeptical about deliverable quality, reliability of the developer, and the potential to be scammed (as most developers require payment up front).

Your idea may be the best thing since sliced bread, but in the world of Apps, it’s all about presentation and marketing effort.  There are already hundreds of thousands of Apps, the competition is stiff, and people’s attention spans are short, so your idea needs to capture their imagination the instant they see it.  You are better off saving your money so that you can do things right, rather than make an underfunded attempt.

App Development Estimate

Here is one good approach to consider.   Get a referral from a business colleague to an app developer that can give you a cost quote based on your specific needs.  Add or Subtract features as your budget and needs allows.  Determine if there is functionality you can postpone building till future phases.  Ask them to show you their portfolio of project produce within your specific budget.  If you want to spend less than $5,000, why look at the $20,000 projects?

Other iPhone App Myths I Hear Everyday: