Use Website Visitor Tracking Systems to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

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In a tough economy, I think we can all agree that there are fewer potential buyers for any given product or service. Competition is tough, discounts are getting deeper and marketing budgets are shrinking. Sales people have a particularly difficult time because it seems like every contact they make is waiting to see what the economy is going to do … and until then the answer is inevitably NO. So what can you do?

Statistically speaking, there is strong evidence that buyers are still looking, and researching their next set of purchases … via the internet. But do you have the ability to identify who is out there and who is looking at your website?

Did you know…

• Technology is available to be able to convert visitor statistics to actual companies (beyond basic Web Analytics)?
• Information on visitors can include; website, company name, their address, city, state, ZIP, and their phone number?
• You can determine what their interests are by reviewing the web pages they viewed.
• There are websites that contain lists of email addresses and phone numbers of potential clients by company and by their title.

Just imagine what you might be able to do with powerful background information like that … as opposed to sitting, waiting, hoping that a buyer calls you!

Information like that can be tremendously helpful in improving marketing efforts (for new business) and providing better customer service for existing clients.

If a company has visited pages where you advertised products X, it’s a foregone conclusion that they at least have some level of interest in that product. If an existing client is looking at help files on Topic Y, they are probably having a problem and may need some assistance. It may be appropriate for a customer service rep. to contact them to see if they need help. Of course there are many ways to use such up-to-date information. Just use your imagination.

However, keep in mind to use this information carefully as customers would not appreciate being spammed or approached in an non professional manner.

Some of the largest companies in the world are paying a premium to utilize Website Visitor Tracking systems.

The advantage is clear; you have the opportunity to plan your approach before your competition is even aware a potential buyer exists. Even more exciting is the fact that a soft-approach b2b email/telemarketing campaign can easily be integrated into the program to enhance results. This would mean that leads turned over could be pre-qualified in multiple capacities. You certainly can’t beat that!

Make note; we do not suggest an immediate call to a visitor saying that you just saw them at your web site a few minutes ago. Professionalism and etiquette would dictate a softer approach a week or two after the visit … offering information and/or more in-depth product knowledge. But specifically without revealing knowledge of their visit so they do not feel uncomfortably spied upon.

Remember the old adage … “You snooze, You loose.” This technology is for those who don’t want to wait for the customer to make the first move … or maybe call someone else. This technology is quickly becoming embedded in the future of marketing and customer service. Now is the time to make it your own future too!

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