iPhone Development – Free Mobile App Builder Tool Myths

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False Assumption: There are many free Mobile App Builder Tools for iPhone Development or DIY (Do It Yourself) Tools available to automate building Mobile Apps, so it must be easy to properly build your own iPhone App.

Building a professional looking Mobile App takes a great deal of expertise involving mobile design, graphics, user interface and integration with back end data. Many DIY tools claim the ability to build great Mobile Apps, some even in a matter of minutes. But there is an assumption that the user is reasonably comfortable with application development concepts and is experienced in graphic design, usability and marketing elements that capture the public’s attention with their first glance.

iPhone Development Requires Actual Developers

Who are they kidding? A fully qualified development company has teams of people who specialize in each individual facet of the development and marketing process. Can a template encapsulate all that expertise and know how plus deliver it in a tool box that allows a novice user to accomplish something impressive? I doubt it! The fact is that those iPhone DIY tools quickly run into limitations where you can’t quite build what you want.

I guess you could go online and learn how to do the maintenance on your car too, but isn’t it just smarter to just hire a trained mechanic?

iPhone User Interface

The pure mechanics of producing an iPhone App is one thing, but knowing the ins and outs of developing a solid presentation (that will bring users back for more) is quite another. Templates simply do not have the flexibility to allow every type of configuration to properly occur at least without some level of limitation. There are marketing executives that make millions for their expertise because they regularly deal with innovators and they know how to capture the public’s imagination and curiosity. Sorry, templates can’t and don’t do that.

iPhone DIY Tools or Free Mobile App Builder Geared for Hobbyist

My feeling is that these iPhone DIY tools are better suited for people taking up App Development as a hobby or as a trial step toward considering a career in software development.

If your plan is build a business with its cornerstone being a mobile app, you’re going to want to work with a talented developer. Simply put, a Do It Yourself project is probably not the right way to go if you want a professional looking iPhone app.


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