Looking for a Great iOS App Developer?

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Are you looking for an iOS App Developer to work on a particular project?  Here’s some tips I’d like to share:

1.     iOS App Developer Hiring – Be Prepared, Be Realistic.

Prepare by developing a detailed description of the needs of your iPhone/iPad project.  Be sure to include a time frame and budgetary constraints.  Be realistic … don’t waste time thinking you will find an equity partner or someone that you can get your project up and running for under $1000 (or that you’ll be able to use any of those “do-it-yourself” iOS development tools).  If your app project is worthwhile … it’s worth doing right and it’s worth maintaining ownership.

 2.     Understand the Challenge of Locating an iOS App Developer

Most people begin their search for a iOS developer on the internet and every website uses different degrees of “techno-speak” to convince visitors that they have three important traits; Ability, Experience, and Integrity.  And simply put, the best website and salesperson usually win.  Unfortunately, these factors don’t necessarily correlate with quality and affordability.  The salesperson is not even the one who builds your iOS App.  He (or she) only talks about it.   The only way to truly evaluate a developer is to actually coordinate a project with them.  So what do you do?

3.     iOS Developer Referrals

There are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps out there.  If you don’t know anyone that has had an App built … someone you know probably does.  Ask for a referral from a business colleague or a friend.  You may be surprised how well this type of networking could benefit you and your project.

Or, if it will help; I would be happy to introduce you to one of the solid iOS developer that I have worked with in the past.  Send me your project description, time frame, and budget and I’ll get you connected right away.

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