What are Typical Project Costs?

One of the main focuses of my career has been determining how to build software in the most cost effective and consistent way. I’ve discussed this topic with hundreds of developers and experts over the years to dissect popular techniques, strategies and to identify risks and challenges so that I can consistently offer my clients the very best.

I know that by properly building applications we enable our client’s success which then leads to our own success.

From the outside, it’s hard for me to say exactly what cost for your project would be until I’ve heard the specific requirements. There are a myriad of potential questions … How complicated is it? How many options are there? How many pages? Is there a formal workflow that must be followed? What devices does it work on? What can the administrators of the system do? Is there credit card process or integration with other systems? The list goes on and on.

All our websites and applications are completely custom so there isn’t pre-existing pricing. We typically perform services on a fixed bid basis, but we can also provide services on an hourly basis for ongoing projects. The costs of our projects range can vary tremendously from about $10,000 to $200,000 and beyond.

Why discuss typical costs when I can give you a detailed quote based on your specific needs? Email the details over to me at [email protected] or you drop me a message via our Contact form. I look forward to learning more about your project.